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Zet Light Camera

he Zetlight Cam is a unique Wifi camera for aquarium in the world. It addresses the need of aquarium hobbyists to real-timely watch, take picture and record the dynamic life of their cared fish or coral anytime and anywhere. With Zetlight Cam, your lovely creature can always be with you!

The Zetlight CAM has a special lens that is fine tuned for being pressed right up the glass of the aquarium, with a focusing distance between 10cm and 60cm deep. A built-in suction cup allows easy mounting of the Zetlight CAM

The Zetlight Cam is a Wifi wireless device that connects to your home wireless router, and pushes live video feed to any iOS or Android device. Reefbuilders.com had a look at the Zetlight Cam and the video going to the iPad was actually a pretty decent frame rate, and they could clearly see small damselfish quite close to the camera


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