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Reef-X-TRA-X- Amino Cubes 6 pack

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New Reef X-tra-X Cubed Amino-Acids is a revolutionary new slow release technology developed by Orca Labs. Reef X-tra-X contains a full spectrum of amino-acids for improved growth and colour in corals. The new slow release technology releases a full profile of amino-acids in small quantities 24 hours per day. Reef X-tra-X Cubes last for approximately 25 days and do not need to be removed once the amino-acids are depleted as they are made from biodegradable polymers which will simply biodegrade over a few weeks.


Add 1 cube for every 100lts of water in a high flow area. Reef X-tra-X Cubes will last for approximately 25 days before new cubes need to be added.

Alanine: 20.9
Leucine: 12.6
Glutamic Acid: 11.6
Hydroxyproline: 10.5
Valine: 8.9
Glycine: 8.3
Aspartic Acid: 5.1
Lysine: 3.5
Serine: 3.5
Threonine: 2.7
Proline: 2.6
Phenylalanine: 2.3
Arginine: 2.0
Isoleucine: 1.5
Hydroxylysine: 1.5
Histidine: 1.3
Methianine: 0.8
Tyrosine: 0.02
Cysteine: 0.01


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